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Introducing Reverend Doctor Wendyjaine Summers


Greetings from the Search Committee!


The Reverend Dr. WendyJaine Summers is planning her trip to Vermont to begin her time as our new minister.  Her plan is to arrive in Vermont some time around April 1 and her first service with us will be April 5, Palm Sunday- hooray!


Please keep WendyJaine in your prayers for safe travel and a smooth transition from California to Vermont.  We are also looking for your help in preparing the parsonage and receiving WendyJaine and her possessions.  We are planning a cleaning day at the parsonage in March.  The parsonage has been renovated and painted, but we would like to give it a thorough cleaning prior to WendyJaine’s arrival.  If the weather is decent, we’ll also do some yard work.  Please watch for a date in March.


Also, we are looking for volunteers to help move WendyJaine’s items from the moving truck into the parsonage.  We won’t have a specific date for several weeks, but it will be some time around April 1.


Please send a message to gregorystefanski81@gmail.com to let Greg know if you can help with cleaning the parsonage in March and/or helping WendyJaine move her items into the parsonage.


You can also send any questions you have to Greg.

Johnson Food Shelf

The Johnson Food Shelf had its first day of giving families food from our porch.

United Church Mission Statement: The United Church of Johnson is founded on the fundamental proposition that it is her you may worship your God and you may worship in freedom

Recognizing the divine purpose for the worship of God, we believe that mission of our church is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to celebrate the sacraments; to foster Christian understanding and be enablers of spiritual growth to realize Christian fellowship and unity of all Christian beliefs within this church and the church universal; to render loving services toward humanity and to strive for righteousness; justice, morality and understanding of one another; and to strengthen family and community life.

We further believe we should endeavor to live, through example, so as to reveal Christ to others; commit ourselves to uphold worship of God; contribute cheerfully as able to the support of the church and to its mission; always show love for one another, pray for one another, and in all we do, strive for justice and peace among all peoples of the world.

To all who need rest and comfort, to all who need friendship and hope, we welcome everyone who seeks God’s grace, as we walk together in Christian love.

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