The Pastor Search Committees of Johnson United Church and The 2nd Congregational Church of Hyde Park, have been extremely busy the last three years receiving and reading profiles, setting up interviews, arranging visits for prospective candidates. 
We are exceedingly excited to let you know the members of the two search committees have unanimously voted to call Dr. Rev. WendyJaine Summers to be our pastor. 
We have arranged for her to come in February. WendyJaine will arrive on Friday, February 7 – Monday, February, 10th. 
During her visit here there will be a few opportunities to meet her. 
Saturday, February 8th – 
** There will be a pot luck lunch at the 2nd Congregational Church (HP) at 12 noon.  
**There will be a pot luck supper at The United Church of Johnson at 5:30 pm. 
Anyone is welcome to join either or both of these – just bring a dish to share.  
Dr. Rev. WendyJaine Summers will lead worship on Sunday, Feb 9 at both churches. United Church of Johnson worship starts at 8:45 am and Hyde Park 2nd Congregational Church worship starts at 10:15 am. Following worship, at both of the churches, there will be a vote of the membership to call Rev. Summers as our settled minister.