The United Church of Johnson – a brief History
In 1930 the Congregational Church of Johnson, Vermont and the Methodist Church of Johnson, Vermont first worshipped together as “The United Church”. The members of The United Church chose to worship in the larger of the two churches, The Congregational Church, until 1968 when sadly it was lost in a tragic morning fire.
Devastated, shocked, saddened, Yes, but the members pulled together, under the leadership of Rev. Park Dickerson, and formed a task force to build a new church building. With joy and thanksgiving, The United Church first worshipped in our new building, now situated at 100 Main Street, in October of 1971. Our building is a contemporary, open design, It is handy-cap accessible, with two large Sunday School rooms, sanctuary which seats approx.. 120, a fellowship hall and kitchen, and a pastor’s study.
Our church participates in and sponsors many interfaith and ecumenical activities, such community suppers, a Community Meal (in partnership with Johnson State College food service organization, the Lamoille Area Minister Partnership, seasonal concerts, and some town events, such as The Johnson Jubilee.
We maintain a Thrift Shop as a service to the community and financial assistance for the church. It is staffed by volunteers from the church, and has clothing as well as some household items, toys, and books at a very reasonable cost.